The Big Sound CD

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Contains 10 tracks recorded with producer and engineer Jamie Mcmann from Ground Zero Studios in Rochester, NY.



  1. David Yeo

    Its Wyatt fucking Coin. I dont need to wait for this to come out to say this will be an epic album.

  2. Judith (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about the this CD. The art work is incredible. Very talented artists. And the music……I think people have to really listen, not just to the songs, but to the music itself to appreciate all of the different instruments and the sounds they create. It’s just INCREDIBLE!

  3. Peavey Staxx

    Everyone is talking about the new Tool album. I’m here listening to Wyatt Coin. Catchy tunes where I find myself tapping my toes to the beat! I can’t get enough cow punk.

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